“When I have a down moment I just write lyrics. I just write what I feel at that time, and somehow it sticks in my head. While I’m on a train or going somewhere, a melody just erupts, I produce it, and it then sticks in yours. ”

My Latest Single

Pum Pum Song

Pum Pum Song is hooky, memorable, instantly engaging, with an intriguing title and a spikily, controversial lyric to boot.

The Pum Pum Song Video

Bipolar EP

The song that gave the EP the name. “Bipolar”. It’s a challenge for many of us. Listen to our struggles in this deep emotional and crazy journey of futuristic beats and amazing vocals.

Hit Singles

A collection of hit singles such as “Pum Pum Song”, “Worth It”, and “Stranger”


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ESA Cheer leading group

Thanks to the “ESA” Cheer-Leading Group of Brooklyn

THANKS TO THE “ESA” CHEER-LEADING GROUP OF BROOKLYN.. who danced to one on my songs in their competition and was part of my video shoot… you guys!!!…you all are awesome! — at Brookyn NY.

belly dancer cameron hill

The Guardian featuring famous Belly dancer Cameron Hill

Slender Gabrielle Jobity has spent half her life dancing, and has trained in many forms of dance, including modern dance, tap dance, samba and ballet.