The song that gave the EP the name. "Bipolar". It's a challenge for many of us. Listen to our struggle in this deep emotional song with a crazy beat.

Alex Room

Gahbaie's finest vocals on an orgasmic beat. Raise the volume up and prepare to be stimulated.

Let Me In

Have you ever dated someone with their emotional walls built like the Great Walls of China? Hmm.

Wish You Well

When a woman loves you, and you leave, she wishes you well. Yes, we really do. You dont believe me? lol...listen to the song.


Captivating beat and vocals, that take you away and intoxicate your mind and take you away.

Nothing Left

A peace of mind is the best thing you can get. I wrote this song to remind me of that.


Ever had a bad year. Some was Coid-19 2020, for me, It was 2015. A lot of shit to deal with.

Better Than Us

Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, We are all one race, the human race.

Feel Me

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who cannot understand you or connect with you?

Crazy Night

Love is crazy. Feel like taking a break. Vibes to the bass, dance alone, with a glass of wine.

Tears And Rum

Acoustic, futuristic, taking things to another level with the vocals with tears and rum.


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